Who are we?

DELILAH is all about awesome customer service - and awesome customer service is a sign of happy employees!

DELILAH is in the business of making people happy.

So what makes DELILAH a great place to work?

W do not have a thick manual telling our employees what they can and cannot do to accomplish that goal, we just ask them to Follow one rule: Use good judgment in all situations. We hope this philosophy not only empowers employees to provide the highest level of service to our customers but also inspires them and helps build a great workplace.

Our Mission Statement

We've always focused on trying to do the right thing for our employees and our customers. We make an effort to be an ethical company, where people want to work and shop because being socially responisble connects us with customers and employees and helps drive results.

We focus our efforts on our people, and community giving

We think it's important to support the communities that support us


Years in Business





New Products Every Wednesday

If I understand what the customer hopes, dreams, fears, or experiences frustration around, I can create emotional messaging, tap into a vulnerabilty, and sell a product.

If you love our customers enought to care about their hopes, dreams, fears and frustrations, you'll create products and services that address those things